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Influencer / Referral Program

Welcome to the Altar Influencer / Referral program! We welcome any questions you may have; just email: martin@altarwatches.com

What is it?


Our Influencer / Referral Program gives selected people the chance to refer our products to their family, friends, and followers. Each purchase these referred people make can be tracked if they enter our website via your unique URL - earning you, the referrer, payment for every sale you make.


How can I refer people?


This is completely up to you! Sharing your custom URL to your followers, friends, and family is always a good start. You can also run your own ad campaigns on social media or seek help from friends to help you sell. (Please keep in mind we can only track sales you have made if they are done through this URL)


How am I paid?


Payment is done through Stripe or Bank Transfer every fortnight. The amount of funds you receive is up to you. More work = higher pay. You, the influencer/referrer, earns $50 per sale + your own unique code for free shipping to share.


How do I start?


To begin please sign up here .


You will subsequently be provided with a custom Altar website URL - you can also request a custom free shipping code via email to share.


Extra help:


PHOTOS - Product photography and company logos can be downloaded in HD here to help you market and share our watches.


Feel free to inquire if you meet the requirements booking a free photoshoot time to take a photo of you with the product - in this case, we do ask that you tag/mention the photographer if you post on social media. (Please note our photo studio will only become available at the end of November so photos will be taken on location).